Fireworks Display Services

We specialize in the production of outdoor fireworks displays large and small throughout Western Canada. We primarily offer two types of fireworks displays; traditional displays which can be best compared to the type of fireworks display you see on Canada Day, and pyromusical displays where the fireworks are choreographed to a musical soundtrack with exacting precision to create a truly multi-sensory experience!

Traditional Displays

Traditional fireworks displays are what you usually see during community events, and on Canada Day and New Year’s Eve. These displays vary in length from a few minutes to 20-30 minutes, and sometimes even longer. If you are looking to add fireworks to your event, a traditional display is a great place to start.

How much?

Pricing for a traditional fireworks displays starts at $500 per minute, all inclusive, plus travel from Calgary.

Minimum $2500 fee, exclusive of travel.

What's included?

  • All paperwork and liaison services with local authorities;
  • All applicable permitting costs;
  • All staffing requirements;
  • Liability insurance to cover fireworks display ($5M);
  • VIP or dignitary can fire first shots with our wireless transmitter or novelty dynamite detonator


Pyromusical Displays

Pyromusical displays are fireworks displays that have been synchronized with music. You have likely witnessed a show like this at a competition such as Globalfest in Calgary, or the Celebration of Light in Vancouver. These types of displays are also great additions to events such as weddings and public celebrations.

How much?

Pricing for pyromusical fireworks displays starts at $1000 per minute, plus travel expenses from Calgary.

Minimum $3500 fee, exclusive of travel expenses.

What's included?

  • Everything included with a traditional display, plus:
  • Custom coreography to music of your choice;
  • Professional sound system;

Also available (for an extra fee):

  • FM transmitter to brodcast your soundtrack in a 3-5km radius;
  • Custom produced count down with your name and/or any extra informaion or promotional content;

Whether you opt to go with a traditional display or a full blown pyromusical extravaganza, we provide a completely full service experience, meaning that from the time you hire us to produce your fireworks display to the time the final shells are fired, our professional pyrotechnicians will handle every aspect of your display all the way from coordination to permits to execution.

Travel Expenses

We charge $0.75/km from Calgary (round trip), and this includes all necessary travel expenses including meals and lodging (when required) for our crew members. For example, if your event is happening 150km from Calgary, we would charge an additional $225 in travel expenses on top of our base fee.

Any and all fees and expenses will be clearly outlined in the quotation you receive from us!

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