Our Team

Magnum Fireworks is a collective group of like minded individuals (pyro addicts) all working towards a common goal. We produce the most spectacular fireworks displays you have ever witnessed while maintaining the utmost respect for all aspects of operating the display safely; not only for the general public, but for ourselves as well.

Jarret "Numbers Man" Miller

General Manager


Jarret (with a “t”) handles all administrative aspects of Magnum’s operations. You will likely be hearing from him when it’s time to do the paper work… which in this industry can be a lot! Jarret has his CPA designation and is applying that skillset to ensure our day-to-day operations are always on the up and up (no matter how mundane Jared may find them).

Jared "Big Papa" Deschner

Founder / Display Operations Manager


After founding Magnum Fireworks in 2009 and operating the company for several years as a “Jack of all trades”, Jared (with a “d”) passed off the day to day operations so that he can focus on what he loves: designing and producing awesome fireworks displays. As you get closer to your event you will be dealing almost exclusively with Jared to bring all the details (big and small) together to make sure your display is a explosive success!

Our Technicians

Perhaps the most significant contributing factor to Magnum Fireworks' success has been our people. Here are some of the technicians that work with and for us on a regular basis. You will probably see at least one of them working on the display site for your event!

















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