About Us

Magnum Fireworks was founded by Jared Deschner in 2009 as a hobby business, with the goal of performing small-scale fireworks shows. In it’s first year, Magnum performed exactly 2 shows, both very close to Calgary.

Word started getting around and Magnum quickly exploded from a hobby business into what it is today; a full service fireworks display production company with nearly 20 pyrotechnicians; all working together to produce dozens of incredible fireworks displays throughout Western Canada each year.

Magnum Fireworks specializes in both Traditional (non-musical) fireworks displays and Pyro-musical displays that are custom designed and choreographed to a musical soundtrack and precision-fired by computer as the music plays over our impressive speaker system.

We have a safety first work environment that is constantly evolving to provide not only the safest atmosphere for our staff, but also the safest possible display for your event; where we work tirelessly to ensure the safety well-being of your guests and any surrounding property.

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